Città di Romero

No New Posts Caffè Perc Centrale

Named after a historic park (parco centrale) it situates on, this cafe adjacent to the city square is the local gathering point for many citizens, where they can converse over cappucinos, mochas, lattes and other warming beverages.

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Vale of Angularis by Captain General of the Mandate
Last Updated: Aug 18, 2018 22:09:13 GMT
No New Posts La Piazza

La Piazza, otherwise more commonly known as the City Square is found in the heart of the city of Romero. Traditionally the common gathering place of all citizens in the capital, this iconic piazza is home to the famous Fontana dei Tellia.

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Shireroth on brink of collapse, Tellians look for stability by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: May 15, 2019 20:13:36 GMT
No New Posts Università di Romero

The Università di Romero is the primary high education institution that serves the city. Here you will be able to find a collection of historical and cultural documents related to Gaia and Tellia.

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Flag by Francesco Rinaldi
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No New Posts FGGC - Tellian Football Federation

The FGGC - otherwise known as the Federazione Gaianiano Giuoco Calcio is the governing body of the region's football. Here you can find information about the Tellian leagues as well as the national football team.

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2019 season by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2019 0:24:59 GMT
No New Posts FGS - Tellian Sports Federation

The FGS, otherwise known as Federazione Gaiana Sport, administers the development of sport across the Tellian regions. This board contains information of all of Tellia's other sporting activities outside football.

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99Centisimi Serie Nazionale di Rugby a XIII by Giuseppe Fossone
Last Updated: Sept 16, 2018 12:01:51 GMT


No New Posts Assembléa Nazionale

This is not really a national assembly. It's actually a bunker that's temporarily called an assembly as it attempts to form a government.

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MTO by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2018 1:31:46 GMT
No New Posts San Giovanni District

The San Giovanni District is a proposed business district in the planned city of Amsia. San Giovanni hopes to become the business centre of Tellia, home to many of the region's businesses.

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(ESB) Establishing Offices by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: Nov 9, 2016 1:53:58 GMT


No New Posts Basa Gaia

Basa Gaia, or in English, Lower Gaia, consists of the bulk of the former Hither Tellian territory. The region consists of both the cities of Romero and Savona under its administration.

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Savona city flag by Giuseppe Fossone
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014 21:34:07 GMT
No New Posts Città di Scoglitto

Scoglitto is one of the most prominent cities in historic Tellia and remains under the Tellian control to date. This city has its own administration authorities as it is not connected to Basa Gaia. The city administration responds directly to the national assembly of Tellia.

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Scoglitto banner by Giuseppe Fossone
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014 21:26:42 GMT
No New Posts Fiorecittà

Fiorecittà is the historic and ancient capital of the Gaian territories. Today it consists of both the ruins of the Tellian city Aspica and the Ashkenatzi city of Shkov. Renamed back to the original historic name, Fiorecittà also has its own administration governance similar to Scoglitto, as it is not connected to the rest of the Tellian Territories.

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City Arms of Fiorecittà by Giuseppe Fossone
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014 21:24:23 GMT
No New Posts Régione Merenolitovonese

Régione Merenolitovonese, otherwise known as Merenolitovina, is a preserved region by the Tellian Government in order to retain and preserve Ashkenatzi heritage. It is the only region in the Tellian territories where Yiddish is the most spoken language, and enjoys official status alongside Tellian. Its capital is Mamehblinij.

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Cultural allies under threat by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: May 4, 2015 11:21:10 GMT
No New Posts Provenzia Santa Maria

The Santa Maria Province, otherwise known in Tellian as "Provenzia Santa Maria" is located in the South-east of Tellia, extended from the Basa Gaia region of the territories. Unlike the rest of Tellia, Santa Maria has a distinct close relation to the Cisamarrese people in the neighbouring Amarr, and is known to have a distinct culture which is a fusion of Ashkenatzi, ancient Gaian and Sanillan-Cisamarrese traditions. Its capital is Rossavro, previously known as Rozenhafn in Ashkenatzi.

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Claiming near-by island, naval defence line moved by V.V. Fabbri
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015 22:22:27 GMT


No New Posts Archive from 2007

Archive from the former posts made on this forum during the Republic of Gaia era.

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PRR and Cherry Trees Montezemolo bid rejected. by Lucà Peremino
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2007 8:04:22 GMT
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